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Economy Equi-Ball

This economy ball is OzHorseToys own branded ball – the big 110cm size is ideal for playing Equine Soccer as well as supervised play for your horse.

We have years of experience with equine playballs and know the quality required for a tough, durable ball. Our Equi-Balls are produced from anti-burst, extra thick heavy duty pvc and weigh 3kg uninflated. We have found this size to be the optimum required for all equine activities.

Being an inflatable product they are best suited for use on grass or sand areas. Exposure to rough areas with sharp branches, stones, thorns, wire etc. could cause a puncture.

A copy of the suggested rules for playing Equine Soccer is included with each ball, along with inflating instructions, plug and plug remover.

As with anything new take time when first introducing the Equi-Ball to your horse, timid horses in particular should be shown the ball from the other side of a fence at first, and once their curiosity replaces apprehension or fear it can then be introduced into the horse’s space. Never throw or roll the ball around your horse until they have gained confidence. Rolling the ball away from your horse allows them to feel less threatened and will increase their curiosity and confidence.

What Can I Do With My Equi-Ball?

Lots of fun things! Here are a few suggestions:

Equine Soccer – alone or with a group.

Build an obstacle course for your horse to navigate the ball – engage his brain! Great for building confidence in your horse. Cones, ground poles, bending poles, barrels – any of these items will create an interesting and fun course to challenge and entertain your horse.

Use the ball to play with your horse – this will help to improve communication skills as well as having fun and exercise!

Equi-Ball 110cm


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