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Q: What material are the Soccerball covers made from?

A: The soccerball covers are made from strong, heard-wearing cordura material, similar to backpacks.

Q: What are the bladders made from?

A: The bladders are made from tough , durable anti-burst PVC and are suitable for animal use.

Q: Are replacement covers and bladders available?

A: Replacement covers and bladders are available if a soccerball has been previously purchased from OzHorseToys.

Q: Do the soccerballs come with a warranty?

A: The soccerballs come with a 30 day warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.

Q: What can I do with my Equi-Ball?

A: Lots of things! Apart from using the ball to play Equine Soccer the soccerballs are an ideal training aid, and can be used in various ways to improve the horse’s confidence and play drive.

A fun and interesting thing to do for both you and your horse would be to build an obstacle course – items like cones, logs, barrels, ground poles and bending poles are but a few items that can be used. Your horse can “nose” or use his feet to get the ball around the course. The layout of the course can be changed from time to time – your horse will appreciate the new challenges! Horses love to work out puzzles so your course is only limited by your imagination! As you guide him through the course, both on the ground and onboard, your horse will also develop confidence in you as his leader. Great for communication and relationship building.