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Welcome to OzHorseToys!

Everyone knows horses LOVE to play, and OzHorseToys is proud to be the premium supplier of Equine Soccerballs and other selected toys and boredom busters.

We’ve been selling horse soccerballs for 9 years so know the importance of top quality, durable covers & bladders. Our own branded Equi-Balls are designed and manufactured to our strict quality standards.

Would you like to:

  • Put FUN into training
  • Contribute to the physical, mental & emotional health of your horse
  • Build trust, confidence, communication and partnership with your horse
  • Encourage exercise, promote mental stimulation and alleviate boredom for your horse
  • Encourage free-play for your horse
  • Improve your co-ordination, focus & teamwork skills whilst having fun playing Equine Soccer
  • Put FUN into your horse’s life

OzHorseToys can help – by putting fun into training and providing hours of play for your horse and you!

Please Note: When ordering multiple items the shopping cart will add the postage cost of each item.

A refund via PayPal will be sent when the order has been processed with correct costs.

Our Range

Enjoy our range of Equine soccerballs and toys - trainers, teachers, natural horsefolk, Pony Clubs, Adult Riding Clubs, Western Riding Clubs - in fact anyone who owns a horse!

Check Out Our New Beachball Design!


Here are some fun videos of horses enjoying their playballs:


Equestrian activities are inherently dangerous by nature and OzHorsetoys denies all responsibility for any claim arising from the use of products purchased. OzHorseToys has endeavoured to provide the safest products for horses but is not responsible in any way for their use. We recommend supervision at all times.